“Well informed people are safer people”

Files-Signs.com provide to their Clients with a simple, easy experience, shopping for all signage solution in Industries, Workplace, Transportation, Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, Schools, Public places, Sporting events, etc. to support their compliance requirements concerning hazard, safety, fire safety, emergencies, and indications.
That’s why they designed their shopping experience in such a way that lets you easily search and shop thousands of symbols, signs, labels, tags, representing more than a thousands references for your convenience in the sizes of your choice, immediately downloadable and printable.

Today, Files-Signs.com’s Clients span multi-industries, multi-countries and public agencies.
Their Clients depend on signage to protect their employees and customers: military and government agencies, industrial and chemical manufacturers, retailers, schools, physician offices and health care facilities, professional buildings, churches and many others.

The three (3) founders of Files-Signs.com are professionals with over 100 years’ experience as educators, trainers, logicians, developers, and directors working in the Chemical, Medical, Transportation, Supply Chain and Product Management industries.
They are dedicated to providing solutions to their Clients who are responsible for compliance with International. Federal, Regional, State and Municipal Government Regulations or Standards.

“Files-Signs.com believes a knowledgeable worker is a safer worker”

Files-Signs.com is the website referring to the company
Sign Feeling LLC.

Postal address:

Sign Feeling LLC
730 Peachtree Street NE, #570

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